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Making money online can be easy. But often it takes a while before the first earnings reach your own account. If you need cash quickly without borrowing money, it is a good idea to sell second-hand items from your own home.

Earn money with used goods: That’s how it works!

The wardrobe is bursting at the seams. The bookshelf is a complete mess and 90 percent of the DVDs are no longer watched anyway. Add to this the many sorted out everyday items that have been lingering in the boxes in the basement for what feels like an eternity. All these small and large everyday objects are worth cash. On the Internet there are many possibilities to sell sorted out things profitably.

  1. Buying portals: Offer sellers of used goods fixed prices for different products. Especially in the entertainment sector, various companies are active. Books, DVDs, Blu-rays, console games as well as end devices and smartphones can be sold quickly, safely and conveniently. The price is determined by the title, the condition of the products and the demand. During the sales process, sellers must provide ISBN numbers or other product details, as well as the respective status. They then receive a purchase price suggested directly. If the suggested price is accepted, the seller must send the goods to the address of the buyer, who then pays the sales price.
  2. Classified ad portals: Here sellers can post their products mostly free of charge and offer them for sale. The sale is somewhat more complex. Product photos and detailed product descriptions are necessary for a corresponding success. Interested parties can then contact the seller directly. All necessary information is exchanged via private messages. Price negotiations are possible in this way. Via classified ad portals, a sale directly in the own city is conceivable, so that the buyer picks up the goods himself, as well as by shipping. This possibility is particularly suitable for clothing, decoration, furniture and other items.
  3. Auctions: Have the disadvantage that the seller has no influence on the selling price. In most cases the offers start at one GBP. If not enough bidders are found, it can happen that products are sold far below the actual value. Here too, the sellers are independently responsible for the product placement.
  4. Facebook: Modern social media portals offer the opportunity to successfully sell second-hand items within special sales groups.

Earn money with used products: The description does it!

Experience has shown that success in selling used goods depends largely on the product description. At the beginning the respective product should be checked for possible defects and faults. Then it is a matter of creating attractive product pictures. A high-quality camera is not necessary for this. Most common smartphones are equipped with sufficient functions so that pictures can be taken quickly and easily with the mobile phone. It is important to ensure that the environment is as bright as possible. If this is not possible, appropriate lighting may be the solution. Ideally, products should be photographed from all sides – without any frills.

A white background is best suited as a backdrop. After the photos follows the description. Here it is important to provide truthful information. False information and concealing possible defects only leads to annoyed customers and bad ratings. If there is a defect in a product, this must be mentioned directly in the description. Furthermore, information on shipping or self-collection is recommended in the product description. In case a shipping option is offered, the shipping costs can be mentioned directly in the product description. In this way there are no unpleasant surprises. In addition, the offered payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, cash payment) can be found here.

Requirements to earn money with the sale of used products

In fact the trade with Second-Hand articles from one’s own household is a very simple source of income. There are no relevant requirements which the seller has to fulfil. Usually it is a private sale. The situation is different for commercial sellers who do not only want to earn money with used articles in the short term but also have a long-term profit intention.

General requirements:

  • Internet, laptop, PC and/or mobile phone
  • Camera or Smartphone for photos
  • Ideas for the product descriptions

Conditions relating to the offers:

  • the sales items should be functional
  • ideally the product is in good to mint condition
  • no holes or stains on textiles of any kind
  • if branded goods are concerned, they must be genuine

If you want to sell used goods online, you should also be able to take time from time to time to answer possible inquiries and to process sales accordingly.

Where can you earn money with used goods?

There are many possibilities to earn money with used goods online. Different websites offer different solutions.


  • com

Classified ad portals:

  • com

Buying portals:

  • (books, CDs, DVDs, games)
  • (electronics, media, Apple products)

In addition, there are many other free opportunities to effectively sell used goods online and earn money this way. For example, different Facebook groups and the Facebook marketplace are available for private and commercial sales offers.

Sell used goods and earn money – as much as is possible

The earning possibilities in the sale of used articles are very individual and depend in particular on the respective products. Books earn less than DVDs. DVDs yield less than Blu-rays. High-quality technical devices are in demand: consoles, laptops, smartphones and more. TV sets or other technical products also bring in good money. In addition, personal commitment is decisive. Anyone who hoards boxes of used goods in the cellar, but only puts two or three products on display, earns far less than someone who offers everything for sale.

Setting prices for the best possible earnings

When it comes to earning money with used products, the question of price is a major issue. Certainly a Playstation 4 sells better and faster for 100 GBP than for 300 GBP, but in the end nobody should sell his goods under value. One possibility for the price research are competing products. Ebay is the best way to do this. There you have the possibility to search for the same products. Using filters, only the sold offers can be displayed. In this way, you can see at what price the same products are usually sold. This makes it possible to orientate oneself for one’s own pricing.

Alternatives to online sales: Used goods can be sold without the Internet

If you do not want to sell your used goods on the internet but elsewhere, you have different possibilities offline. The best known is the popular flea market. Here the offers are presented to a broad public. It is negotiated and sold directly on site. While the goods are transferred to the buyer, the seller immediately receives his money. Disadvantage: The flea market is connected with an individual stand fee. All goods have to be transported to the stand and if not sold, they have to be taken home again. In bad weather hardly any customers come and the project literally falls through.

Second-hand land and purchases and sales

Furthermore there are various Second-Hand shops or purchases and sales. Second-Hand shops mainly take clothing. Some shops are specialized in a certain topic, for example baby and children’s needs. Often the goods are sold on commission. This means that the seller leaves his articles in the shop and does not receive his money until a buyer has been found. The shop in question also retains a commission. Purchases and sales are mainly in the technical area. Payments are made far below value so that the shopkeeper can make a corresponding turnover. Often the sellers do not even receive half of the actual value of the goods. Payment is made directly upon delivery of the goods.

Further sales possibilities:

  • The notice board: Often seen in supermarkets like Edeka, Kaufland, Rewe – small cards with offers and contact details can be attached to a notice board free of charge.
  • Advertisement in weekly magazine: Weekly magazines with an advertisement section often have a corresponding sales category in which offers can be published. However, this procedure is sometimes associated with considerable costs.

Conclusion: Sell used goods and earn money

There is hardly anyone who does not store old treasures in the cellar or attic. Also in the wardrobe there are many parts that have not been worn for years, but are simply too good to throw away. Here it offers itself to sell used goods and earn money this way. Both online and offline, there is the possibility to sell your own products profitably. The earning possibilities are very individual and depend on the articles and their condition. Especially technical devices can bring in amounts in the three-digit range. There are no requirements for the sale of used goods. In principle, everyone can sell their belongings privately. In some cases a little patience is required. Whoever can muster this patience, however, can be happy about an interesting additional income.