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UK Border Collie Club Pages:

Border Collie Club of GB    

East Anglian Border Collie Club

Midland Border Collie Club

Southern Border Collie Club (UK)   

West of England Border Collie Club

UK Border Collie Web Pages:

Aculsia Border Collies

Altricia Border Collies

Axernamoon Border Collies

Beesting Border Collies

Bessamour Border Collies


Borderbrook Border Collies

Corinlea Border Collies

Darian Border Collies      

Elbereth Border Collies & Finnish Lapphunds           

Fayken Border Collies & Ponies

Foxbarton Border Collies

Grandver Border Collies

Greatglen Border Collies

Heartside Border Collies

Jackscrofter Border Collies

Karingal Border Collies

Laetare Border Collies and German Shepherds             

Locheil Border Collies           

Locheil Border Collies - This is Heathers 2nd site   

Lucy & Brooke    This is the homepage of Jakovall Silent Noon & Jakovall Blueberry Ice        

Lydleardlea Border Collies   

Manderian Border Collies      

Mastarmariner Border Collies

Mary Ray's Homepage  Meet Mary, her dogs, and read all about her success             

Mobella Border Collies                                        

Rogansrock Border Collies

Rosmarinus Border Collies

Sharon Webley's Border Collies You may find you need a tissue or 2 when you visit Sharon's page.

Sharon Webley's Collie Corner  Sharon new website showing the variety of colours and markings of BC's. 

Sheltysham Border Collies

Sooshine Border Collies                  

Stillmoor Border Collies

Tamarsh Border Collies

Terrica Border Collies

Tess, Agility is Fun              

TJ  This is the homepage of Jakovall Pinotage

Torbriar Border Collies

Tomangarn Border Collies

Whenway Border Collies

Willianways Border Collies

Wizaland Border Collies

The Working Sheepdog     Andy & Gill's working Border Collies.

Wynmallen Border Collies

Overseas Border Collie Web Pages:

Allymoon Border Collies ~ Italy

Andrea and Andreas Border Collies ~ Germany

Angelfire Border Collies ~ USA

Bluewyle Border Collies ~ Denmark

BorderBell Border Collies ~ Sweden

Border Collie kennel v.d. Schapenhoeve ~ The Netherlands

Dream of Kintyre Border Collies ~ Germany

Eyewitness Border Collies ~ Friends from Finland and the owners of Loox ~ Jakovall Oh You Pretty Thing

Fragglerock Border Collies ~ Zimbawe

Janita and Petri ~ Friends from Finland

Izadora's Page ~ Kicki from Sweden

Karisma Border Collies ~ USA

Lionheart Border Collies ~ Germany

Monochrome Border Collies

Never Never Land Border Collies ~ Poland

Nice of you to Come Bye, Border Collies ~ The Netherlands

Noblefamily's Border Collies & Kleinspitz ~ Finland

Of Green Borderline Border Collies & Maincoon Cats ~ Friends from Austria

Pikkupaimenen Border Collies ~ Finland

Sabrina and Hans Smit ~ The Netherlands   

Shamrockfield Border Collies ~ The Netherlands   

Shamrockfield Border Collie Database     

Shannara Border Collies ~ USA   

Sheeptrix Border Collies ~ Sweden

Sara and Tupac ~ Friends from Poland

Standsure Border  Collies ~ Canada

Tails a Waggin' Border Collies ~ Canada

Tonalee Border Collies ~ USA

van de Vrundenhoeve Border Collies & Rottweilers ~ Belgium 

General "Doggy" Sites of Interest:

The Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour  An on-line school for learning about dogs

Alt Vet Med  Complimentary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine

ASPADS  The Associated Sheep Police & Army Dog Society - Working Trials dates, events etc...

BARF ~ The UK BARF Club, all about Raw feeding

Border Collie Health ~ This site contains results of CEA/DNA & CL/DNA tested dogs from around the world & Europe

Canine Chemist  Hyperdrug Veterinary Supplies  A site for all dog breeders, with breed information, a message board and lots more.

Crufts  The main web site for this prestigious show, giving results and information etc.

Discover Dogs  This page will give you details of all KC registered breeds and information about the event, Discover Dogs.

Dog Club UK  A new site full of various doggy links.

Dog World  This is one of the weekly newspapers available

       General doggy site with a variety of topics

A list of Exemption Shows in the UK

Fosse Data UK Show show schedules, catalogues and results.

Higham Press  UK Championship show results and schedules available here.

International Sheep Dog Society  

The Kennel Club  Information about the UK Kennel Club

K9 net UK  This site covers a wide range of interests and has many links to other sites.

Lost Dogs  This site helps owners find there lost dogs in the UK and Eire and it's free of charge.

Matt Curtis  A truly superb artist, take a look at his site; also does commissions

N.D.T.R  The National Dog Tattoo Register

 Dog & Cat food

Obedience UK  A good obedience site with information about shows etc...

Our Dogs  This is one of the weekly newspapers available

Pedigree Dogs  A site for all dog owners, with breed information, a message board, and lots more.

Pet Needs  All your pet training equipment on line!

Pet Planet  A site for all dog owners, with breed information, a message board, chat room and lots more.

PDSA  The Peoples Dispensary For Sick Animals

  This is a brand new site to provide a National database of dog breeders, and to promote responsible breeders.

Pets Pyjama's  This is a new shopping site based in the UK, with everything for most pets.

    This site is all about showing in the UK, with Show dates etc...

Riverside Printing  Show Printing for all types of Shows and Events, schedules, catalogues and show requirements also newsletters.

UK Dogs  British Dog Breed Information Page

    General doggy site with a variety of topics.

Working Trials UK  A new site uniquely designed for the use of working trials people.

Vet on the Web Free UK based advice site.


Miscellaneous Sites

      UK Search Engine



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