Rescued Working Sheepdog Puppies

Fly is a Working Sheepdog who belongs to a farming family who are very good friends, she recently got caught out by the local "Casanova" (who is a Working Beardied Collie), resulting in her getting pregnant.  The farmer was going to have the puppies destroyed at birth but agreed with us that we could take on Fly when the puppies arrived and rear them and find them homes.

Fly is a very sweet natured girl, who settled well into raising her puppies and living in a new home all in one fell swoop!  She doesn't work on the farm, so isn't a hyped up Working Sheepdog, but loves to play ball with the farmers grandchildren. 

Fly gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies on the 25 August 2005, 3 boys and 1 girl.

They are all doing very well and are all very much loved family pets, one of which I see on a regular basis who loves everybody and everyone.

The puppies are pictured below.

The 3 boys aged 2 weeks 3 days

Jed                Buster            Storm

The girl aged 2 weeks 3 days


All 4 aged 4 weeks

The 3 boys aged 7 weeks

Jed                Buster            Storm


The pups are now just over a year old, and as you can see growing into super happy dogs with Storm being the only one who looks anything like a Border Collie.  Jed, Ellie and Buster (who I haven't any recent photo's of) all take after their dad the Beardied Collie!