New Arrivals

Terra and Barney are proud to announce the arrival of Terra's second litter

Born 12 January 2011 5 B/W Boys

Terra ~ Jakovall April Love


Barney ~ Rosmarinus the Crofter

This litter is a repeat mating as the first litter they had have done so well in Agility and Working Trials as well as being super loving pets - you can read about their first litter on the puppies progress page and the Jakovalls in Action page.

You can read all about Terra and Barney on their own page.

The first puppy was born naturally with no problems, but puppy no. 2 was stuck, so following a trip to the vets and a caesarean the 4 remaining puppies all arrived safely.  Mum and babies are all doing great, and the puppies are growing like weeds!

These puppies are now all in their new homes, and Bodger stayed here and has his own webpage.

If you're interested in future plans, please contact me

More photos will be added as they grow :)

Terra & the boys 2 days old

All 5 10 days old

Boy 1 "Kilt" - 2 days old & 10 days old

Boy 2 "Obi" - 2 days old & 10 days old

Boy 3 "Darcy" - 2 days old & 10 days old

Boy 4 "Probie" - 2 days old & 10 days old

Boy 5 "Bodger" - 2 days old & 10 days old

 Below are photos of the boys from 3 to 3 1/2 weeks old

 Below are photos of the boys from 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 weeks old

from left to right Kilt ~ Obi ~ Darcy ~ Probie ~ bodger


Outside for the 2nd time :)

The boys aging from 6 - 7 weeks old :)  Playing with Trinity & Georgie and having fun in the tunnel!