Meet The Family

To find out more about our dogs, just select a name from the list below and read on.....

From Left to Right;

Fynn ~ Trinity ~ Darcy ~ Meg ~ Skew

The Boys The Girls
Jakovall Marbled Ice  "Georgie"

Laetare Cerafyn for Marie at Jakovall JW    "Fynn"

Jakovall Dark Ages  "Bodger"

Jakovall April Love   "Terra"

  Rosmarinus Thistledown with Jakovall  "Wisp"

Previously handled by me & sires to some of the pups

Previously handled & Owned by me

Jakovall Glen Caddan    "Merlot"

Greatglen Phoebe at Jakovall  "Asha"
Jakovall Truly Entranced JW    "Khan" Jakovall Dentata  "Trinity"

Jakovall Thomas Ta'llis    "Tallis"

Jakovall Blueberry Puddin'  "Teala"

Jakovall Borealis  "Neo"


Jakovall April Escort   "Drift"

Past Girls

Rosmarinus The Crofter "Barney Jones" (BJ)

Rambling Storm at Keam     "Amber"
  Shoovikon Jumpin at Shadows JW    "Meg"

Past Boys

Little Sapphire ~ Border Terrier    "Blue"

Laetare Music's Coda From Jakovall CDex UDex  "Skew"


Jakovall Glen Deveron JW     "Darcy"