Bred, and owned by Marie Jordan

D.O.B: 12 January 2011

Sire: Rosmarinus The Crofter

Dam: Jakovall April Love

Sometimes things happen for a reason.........

I had planned on keeping a bitch puppy from Terra's second litter, however with only 5 boys this was not meant to be.  Terra went into labour during the early hours and produced the first puppy without any problems, however, no. 2 puppy was not going to make an appearance without assistance!  So following a caesarean and 3 more boys the vet nurse brought out the final puppy for me to dry off.  This puppy was quite a bit smaller than the others and as I looked to see if my little girl had finally arrived all I found was boy bits, and then I also noticed this puppy had a short tail with a kink in it.  Other than that he was perfect.

Everyone who came to see the pups fell in love with him, but he still remained un picked, and as time has gone on it has looked like he is going to be staying....... 

He really is a super little chap - well not so little anymore.  His tail causes him no problems and has been thoroughly checked over by my vets.  He is his mothers double right down to the naughty spots!!  He along with the litter is puppy eye tested normal and BAER hearing tested normal.

Bodger started competing in agility during 2012 and had a few clear rounds in some baby classes, he'll be competing properly in 2013.  He is working G3.

For any "The Archers" fans out there, Bodger is also the "voice" of the new puppy called Tig, so he now has a career in radio too :) 


Bodger pictured from birth to 12 weeks