About the Border Collie


This is just a very small insight about the Border Collie (apologies if there are any inaccuracies), and it's versatility.  

This beautiful breed goes back a long way.  In 1873 the first Sheep Dog Trial was introduced.  This allowed farmers to show off their skills with their dogs.  Even now Sheep Dog Trials are still a very popular pastime for many farmers and enthusiast to show off their dogs skill's.  

The ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society) was founded in 1906, and was the first real recognition of the breed.  In 1976 the Kennel Club and the ISDS granted that the Border Collie be recognized as a breed for the show ring.  Dogs that were of a Border Collie type but were not ISDS registered were, and still are allowed to be registered as Working Sheepdogs.  These dogs can compete in "Sport" activities but not in the show ring.

The Border Collie is such an intelligent and active breed, that it has achieved great success and is sometimes un-challenged in a variety of "doggy" sports.  You only have to look at the obedience, agility and flyball scene to see their popularity.   They are not the easiest of dogs to train, as they can be very sensitive, but with the right sort of training the Border  Collie will turn his paw to most things.  Apart from being one of the most popular "Sport" dogs, they can also turn their paws to other "doggy" pursuits.  They have been used as Guide Dogs, Search Dogs, Dogs for the Disabled, Sniffer Dogs, Pat Dogs and Therapy Dogs.  I have probably missed some of their uses out but this list is endless and just shows how versatile the Border Collie is.

In 1982 the show Border Collie was awarded Challenge Certificates for the first time.  The current breed record holder is SH CH Dykebar Future Glory owned and bred by John and Lorraine Ritchie.  This bitch has won 39 Challenge Certificates all under different judges , and went Reserve Best in Show at Crufts in 1994.  She then went on to win Best in Show at Darlington Championship Show in 1995, the first time for a Border Collie at this level.

Another very influential Border Collie to the show and working scene is SH CH Viber Travelling Matt from Corinlea JW, "Trav" to his friends owned by Karen Dalglish (Corinlea).  Over his 15 years he won 30 CC's with 20 BOB's, 11 Res CC's and 5 BP.  He is behind a lot of today's top Border Collies, and he is the sire to our only full CH Border Collie in the UK - CH Locheil Look North, he is also the sire to 17 Show Champions, with a total of 40 separate dogs having won a CC.  He was a truly great dog, and ambassador for the breed, he is now playing with his other friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  You can see "Trav" and all his friends on his own site at Corinlea Border Collies (see sites of interest).

What ever you do with your Border Collie I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Or if you are interested in getting a Border Collies I hope this have given you an insight to how versatile, beautiful and intelligent they are.