Owned by Christine and Brian (Previously by Marie and Mark Jordan)

Breeder Mrs M J McAlpine        D.O.B 13 October 1994 - May 2010

Sire: Rudham Henry    Dam: Andis Little Gem

Our "Meet the Family" page wouldn't be the same without mentioning our little Border Terrier "Blue".  She was bought as a companion for Amber and is a super, super little girl, who has also competed in obedience.  She was a real crowd puller as she always did everything "Her Way!", be it going for a walk around the ring, jumping on the judges table (in the middle of a round!) or stopping to eat dead creatures.  Her life and soul DEFINITELY revolves around her stomach!

She has now gone to pastures new, and having a wonderful retirement down on the farm in Somerset, Border Terrier heaven (pig s**t, dead chickens etc!!!).

Blue was given sleep when she couldn't go on any more, Christine and Brian gave Blue a fantastic 10 years and she is very much missed by them.