In Memory of:



Owned by Marie's Mum & Dad

Breeder Mr John Ralley

6 JUNE 1993 ~ October 2008

Sire: Tagg

Dam: Moss

Our introduction to Border Collies started 6 years ago with Amber. She was a local farm bred, black and white smooth coated bitch who we got when she was 16 weeks old. She was very shy, not very friendly and very very naughty. She liked nothing better than to chase the cats, sheep and cars going along the top of the field!  Her other favourite pastime was to chew, especially the flooring in the kitchen or plugs from sockets (usually whilst things were turned on, and telephone cables usually whilst you where on the phone !!!)

Some people would have probably re-homed her, but we loved her and decided to take her to obedience classes, as we needed training as well as Amber! That was it, we were hooked, and found a way to channel Amberís energy. She turned into very happy, friendly, loving lady and enjoyed life to the full.

She spent the last few years living with my parents due to the loss of their older dog, and lived the life of Riley!!  She was given sleep in October 2008.